I Literally Do Not Care!!!



In life we have all been told NO!

We have been told that we can’t afford it, we can’t have it, we can’t accomplish it, you don’t have enough or it’s too hard. I have learned to never allow people to talk you out of your blessings. Whatever it is in life that you desire GO FOR IT!!!!! Okay it’s true, in life we all face times where things seem difficult, unachievable and hard to reach, but its okay. This is the time in which you keep pressing on. Okay so here’s a true story. I remember when I was 23 years old, I would leave my mother’s house and pass by a home for sale all the time. My daughter was 3 and I had just moved out of my apartment with my Grandmother. I told her I would only be there two weeks. Well in passing my the home I would look at my daughter and tell her “mommy is going to buy you that house.” Well surely three weeks later I closed on my home. Here’s the key, during the process I didn’t tell anyone that I was purchasing a home. I kept it all to myself. Sometimes you have to learn to HUSH!! Everybody don’t need to know everything. Not all the time will people talk you out of things but they will definitely ask questions. Allow God to be your guide through the process. People have a tendency to remind you of your past and make you feel like you’re not worthy of greatness or expansion.

This is the time that you remind them who your God is and say “I literally do not care.” Who cares about your past, God is only focused on your future.

He holds the key to all that is promised. Today I encourage you to shake off all negativity and prepare yourself for GREATNESS! It no longer matters what anyone else thinks because you are too focused and besides God has already written the plan.

Be super, Be FAB, and remember to Live and Love on Purpose!!!

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