unnamed-10About Renee

If you ever desired to meet a woman who believes in change, then it’s time for you to meet, Renee Jefferson Smith. A young entrepreneur, philanthropist and mother, Renee is driven by success, determination and pure hard work in order to get to the next level in life. After learning so many valuable lessons in life, Renee knew that she had to turn things around. Renee was focused on living her dreams. She knew that living the dreams of others is not what she wanted to do the rest of her life, and that’s when she retired from Corporate America and started her business as a single mother.

Renee attributes her will to achieve success to the various “no’s,” that she’s received in life. After being turned down for so many things, she one day made the decision that whatever she wanted in life, she would continue to go after and obtain it herself. In Renee’s opinion no one should settle for a mediocre life. While living a life to help and guide others Renee Jefferson Smith is also busy in the community hosting charity events, volunteering and is active in many professional organizations.

Renee’s motto is, “In order to grow you have to be open to change.”

She’s embraced the unforeseen challenges as a business owner and is always on the verge of a new, major project. Renee Jefferson Smith is a certified life coach and businesswoman who thinks big. She remains grateful to her clients, colleagues, friends and family that support and follow the vision. She was honored to be the student speaker for her commencement. She received her B.S. degree in Psychology and is completing her Masters in Counseling.

Renee Jefferson Smith is also the owner of a medical spa, in which she focuses on weight loss and wellness procedures to help create a healthy lifestyle. She is now enjoying life to the fullest, with her husband and three beautiful children.



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